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Ethnicity is a non-profit project founded to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of brocade patterns of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, whose idea was generated in late 2018 by 1 of the 10 young leaders of the Obama Foundation. The project has been active since March 2020.

The project was honored to become 1 of 10 projects in ASEAN presented to the former US President Barack Obama in 2018, to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee 2019, in Azerbaijan 2019, the 45th SSEAYP program, the International Youth Forum 2019 in China and the Better Together Challenge 2019 in Korea.

Ethnicity: Bring "ethnic" – combine the ethnic elements with the urban breath - "city"

Originating from Bao Loc city, the young people from many universities like University of Natural Sciences, Fulbright, RMIT, Arena Multimedia and HUFLIT have felt a burning desire to preserve the patterns woven on traditional brocade fabrics of the ethnic minorities of K'Ho and Ma people who are the one the project leader lived together with during his childhood. Ethnicity has done surveys and research on their brocade patterns, redraw them in the format of vectors using graphic software and developed into an e-library (digital library) - where the public can get free access to use and promote the beauty, the story of this cultural heritage. The first e-library in Vietnam was built to preserve, promote, develop to make brocade patterns applicable in the modern and globalized society.

Ethnicity's creative process

Brocade patterns are made up of different shapes: triangles, rectangles, squares, circles, straight lines, zig-zag,... Each pattern has a meaning which is the story the weavers want to tell. Therefore, Ethnicity focuses on collecting information about the meanings of those brocade patterns to promote their spiritual beauty and historical values.

In the process of vectorization, Ethnicity prioritizes retaining the intact designs and original colors of the traditional brocade patterns. Based on this foundation, these shapes are developed in diverse styles, combined with many colors to become patterns that are up-to-date and trendy, easy for the public to use, and feel their values.

The repository of more than 100 original brocade patterns in vector format will be publicly available and free of charge for the community to use for creative design purpose and application in daily life.

You can take a look at the demo e-library here. There are 4 e-libraries: Preserved brocade patterns, Developed patterns, Applied patterns, and Illustrated ethnic-life e-library will be expectedly published in September 2020.

The story needs you to write more

With the message "Cultural conservation is the key to sustainable development - cultural understanding is the bridge to connect human values'', Ethnicity would love to have you contribute to writing their story of spreading Vietnamese cultural values. To complete the 4 open access e-libraries with more than 350 unique patterns, Ethnicity has launched a crowdfunding activity with 3 funding packages.

Furthermore, you can also contact the project via the following channels, as well as share your feelings about Ethnicity to help the project reach more people!

Discovery about our project: 

Website: https://www.joscreative.com/ethnicity 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ethnicity.Viet 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ethnicity.vietnam/

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