Free Course: iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners

Master the power of capturing incredible audio & video on your iPhone, from a world leader in iPhoneography.

Welcome to one of the most detailed, in-depth tutorial guides we've ever created on storytelling with your iPhone. Presented by globally awarded director Jason van Genderen, this easy-to-follow course takes you through all the essentials you'll need to completely change the quality of what you'll be able to capture with your mobile. Lean on Jason's depth of knowledge (he's instructed for Apple, Nikon, Sony and the Motion Picture Association) and experience running Australia's first iPhone Storytelling Agency. You'll learn:

  • Why Shoot Mobile? - Jason explains the rise of the iPhone as a camera choice

  • iPhone Camera 101 - Deep-dive hacks for your iPhone's cameras

  • iPhone Edit Modes - Learn how to manually grade your stills and videos in-phone

  • Lensing Options - What are you iPhone's lenses capable of capturing?

  • Choosing an Accessory Lens System - How to work out exactly what's best for you

  • Recording Audio - In-depth tips, comparisons and examples to master your sound

  • Capturing Great Interviews - A masterclass itself on nailing incredible interviews everytime

  • Lighting & Filters - How to understand lighting, how to shape it, accessory lights & filters

  • Stability & Motion - Techniques and useful, affordable accessories for smooth camera work

  • iOS Apps for Video - Which are the go-to Apps you need to try to change your filming game?

  • Workflow Tips - Best Practice concepts and models for mastering every shoot

  • Income Generating Ideas - Obsessed with your newfound knowledge? Here's how you can use it to make an income!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner content creators looking to upskill with deep experience and inspirational techniques

Link to the course: https://www.udemy.com/course/iphone-filmmaking-for-beginners/?couponCode=MPAFREE



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